Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy

This course provides genealogists with the knowledge needed to correctly incorporate DNA results into their family history. Beginners will receive foundational knowledge in the basics needed to understand the application of genetics for genealogical research purposes. Those with prior knowledge of DNA will be able fill in holes in understanding and be introduced to tools and techniques with practical, hands-on exercises.
This course will use real-life genetic results and family histories to demonstrate DNA inheritance patterns, how to analyze DNA test results, and how to correlate that analysis with traditional documentary research to arrive at soundly reasoned genealogical conclusions. A discussion of biology will provide baseline information needed to fully understand DNA results used for genealogical purposes without spending time on discussions more useful to biologists than genealogists. Attendees should be able to use their knowledge and current tools to analyze Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), autosomal DNA (atDNA), and X-DNA test results, as appropriate for any given kinship theory, as positive or negative evidence to correlate with the documentary evidence from traditional research.
• Introduction and Basic Genetics - Part 1 (Wayne)
• Basic Genetics - Part 2 (Wayne)
• Research Standards (GPS) and the Scientific Method (Wayne)
• mtDNA - Basic & Intermediate (Wayne)
• mtDNA Project (Wayne)
• atDNA - Basics (Wayne)
• X-DNA - Basics (Wayne)
• Y-DNA - Basics (Bettinger)
• Y-DNA - Intermediate Analysis (Bettinger)
• Y-DNA Project (Bettinger)
• atDNA - Intermediate Analysis (Moore)
• atDNA - Advanced Analysis - Part 1A (Moore)
• atDNA - Advanced Analysis - Part 1B (Moore)
• Privacy; Ethical Issues; Regulation (Bettinger)
• Family History Project - Part 1 (Bettinger)
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• Ethnicity and Admixture and Kinship Analysis; Advanced Tools and Public Databases (Bettinger)
• atDNA - Advanced Analysis - Part 2 (Bettinger)
• atDNA - Advanced Analysis - Part 3 (Moore)
• Adoption and Other Brick Walls (Moore)
• Family History Project - Part 2 (Wayne)
• Family History Project - Part 3 (Wayne)
• Company Offerings and Comparisons (Wayne)
• Further Education; Projects and Groups of Interest; Advancements in DNA (Wayne)