Advanced German Research

9:30–10:45 Historical Overview of Germany Warren Bittner
11:00–12:15 German Territories, Maps and Jurisdictions Warren Bittner
1:45–2:00 Meyers Gazetteer: Bible of German Research Warren Bittner
2:15–3:30 Research in the 19 Century German States Baerbel Johnson
8:30–9:45 Difficult Immigrant Examples Baerbel Johnson
10:00–11:15 German Research in Eastern Areas Baerbel Johnson
12:45–2:00 Methods for Identifying the German Origins of American Immigrants Michael Lacopo
2:15–3:30 Proving Immigrant Identities: The Case of Dora Lühr Warren Bittner
8:30–9:45 Social Levels and Occupations Baerbel Johnson
10:00–11:15 German Marriage Laws and Customs Warren Bittner
12:45–2:00 Reading for Historical Context Warren Bittner
2:15–3:30 German Social History and Genealogical Research Michael Lacopo
8:30–9:45 Online Church Resources and Village Family Books Baerbel Johnson
10:00–11:15 What’s New in German Internet Research Baerbel Johnson
12:45–2:00 Guilds and Their Records Fritz Juengling
2:15–3:30 German Research and the Law Warren Bittner
8:30–9:45 Complex Evidence: The Case of Balthasar Weber Daniel Jones
10:00–11:15 Complex Evidence: The Gard family of Hesse Baerbel Johnson
12:45–2:00 Beyond the Church Books Baerbel Johnson
2:15–3:30 Onsite Research in German Archives Warren Bittner