Diving Deeper into New England

When encountering New England roots, many find a rich treasure of previous research, compiled materials, and records dating back to the early 1600s. Yet, within the branches of our New England roots exist assumptions, errors, missing individuals, and incomplete information. Starting with the colonial period and moving to the 1850s, “Diving Deeper into New England” will take an in-depth look at New England research, specifically focusing on little-known and underused sources.
Individual sessions will provide a deeper historical and social context for New England research, provide specific tools for key New England states, and provide an overview of the research process through a variety of examples and case studies. In addition, consultation sessions and a closing question and answer session will allow time for you to gain advice on your personal New England research with the course coordinator and instructors. 
New England: Is it All Done? (D. Joshua Tayor, MA, MLS)
New England Catch-up: Part I: Sources and Publications; Part II: History (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
Masachusetts: From Colony to Commonwealth (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
Connecting the Oceans:   Origins of New England’s Colonists (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
Migrations within New England (Diane Florence Gravel, CG)
New Hampshire Research: When the Trail Turns Cold (Diane Florence Gravel, CG)
Individual Consultations [two sessions] (Cathi Desmarais, CG; Diane Florence Gravel, CG; D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
The Ins and Outs of Connecticut Research (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
New England’s Courts: 1600s-1800s (Cathi Desmarais, CG)
New England’s Universities and Private Archives (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
Rhode Island: From Plantation to State (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
Focus on Vermont (Cathi Desmarais, CG)
New England’s Town Records:   Advanced Strategies for Success (Diane Florence Gravel, CG)
Case Study (Cathi Desmarais, CG)
Neither Online Nor on Film: New England Sources You Are Missing (D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)
New England Question & Answer Session ( Cathi Desmarais, CG; Diane Florence Gravel, CG; D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS)